Aspirational Wanderer

For those who aspire to travel while studying at university, or afterwards, Aliyah Loughlan offers her first-hand experiences and anecdotes on her Aspirational Wanderer blog.

DMU student union scraps card charges

BY SIMON SANSOME Students at DMU have won a reprieve from credit and debit card charges in the Union’s bar and shop. New European Union rules on card charges were introduced in December affecting all businesses in the UK who use card machines to take payments. The SU charged 40p for a one-off transaction in the Student Union […]

Former DMU student returns to speak to budding sports journalism students

By Ben Clarke SPORTS Journalism students have been given a behind-the-scenes insight into covering the 2012 Olympic Games Super Saturday by a top reporter from the UK’s premier news agency the Press Association (PA). Nick Mashiter, who was a postgraduate Journalism student at DMU in 2006, reckoned that reporting on the three gold medals for […]

Top football reporter offers advice to aspiring journalists

BY SAM PINKHAM JOURNALISM students at DMU were treated to tips on how to break into the newspaper industry last week, when national sports reporter Nick Mashiter returned to the university he once studied at. The 31-year-old, who currently covers Premiership football clubs across the Midlands for the UK’s leading news agency the Press Association, gave […]