Leaving the EU could leave the University and International students in the unknown


By Simon Sansome

International students face an uncertain future because of the imminent EU referendum on leaving or staying in the EU.

It is uncertain whether they will be able to have the same freedom to study at DMU, if there is a no vote on June 23, according to Jim Green, DMU Regional Manager for Europe.

Mr Green added: “In common with many other sectors, employers, organisations and individuals, we are currently waiting for the outcome of the referendum to see what the future will bring.”

The government has not drawn up any plans, rules or regulations if the UK leave the EU for international students from the EU and it appears that no one knows the impact it will have on the 1000 plus students already studying at DMU.

He said: “We have over 1000 students from the EU currently enrolled at De Montfort University and we value every one for the benefits they bring to our community.

“There are a number of questions to be asked, including the future of tuition fees and loan eligibility, whether the UK will continue to be a part of the Erasmus+ student and staff mobility programme, and what the arrangements will be for current or new students.”

Kerri Stevenson, 1st year Journalism at DMU said: “Leicester is a multi cultural city and international students play a vital part of the culture. DMU would have less diversity, which would be a shame for the city and university.”



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