Beer festival marks The West End Brewery’s first birthday

Birthday celebrations suited for one of the city’s youngest pubs are underway as the plans for its very own exclusive beer festival have been arranged. Running from March 23 until March 26, The West End Brewery will be offering free beer samples, 14 different variations of real ale, two real ciders, locally produced food and […]

Hoodies and Hijabs: Leicester Black History Month debate

DMU students give their thoughts on ‘Hoodies and Hijabs’ in Leicester Black History month debate

The Alternative Guide to Prague #2: Žižkov district

BY ZOFIA FILIPOWICZ When admiring the striking panorama of Prague from the top of Hradčany castle, you, dear tourist, may have spotted an incredibly high television transmitter, rising above the city of magnificent churches and Art Nouveau facades like an unwanted weed. This high-tech, futuristic tower, decorated with disturbing sculptures of black babies, crawling up […]

Coffee, Work, Treat, Repeat: study cafés in Prague

BY ZOFIA FILIPOWICZ They say plenty is no plague, but when it comes to trying out cafés, bars or restaurants in a city as diverse as Prague, you’re going to have to find some sort of a niche, otherwise the abundance might simply make you go mad. With the rest of the group already reviewing […]

The Alternative Guide To Prague: BIO OKO Cinema

BY ZOFIA FILIPOWICZ If you like to think that your taste in cinemas is slightly more sophisticated than other people’s, I’ve got good news for you. First of all, you are certainly not alone. Second of all – if you ever find yourself in Prague, it is the place to get a little screentimate. With […]