Bean Gaming: Family fun for everyone


By Bethany Spence

This year saw the city of Leicester welcoming brand new tabletop cafe, Bean Gaming, a cosy haven for board gamers of all ages and skill sets.

After a somewhat rocky start on the crowd funding page, Kickstarter, the cafe turned bar and restaurant, opened its doors and received well deserved 5-star reviews from a wide array of customers.

With over 200 board games from the classics such as Monopoly to the more modern games gracing its shelves, it truly is a place with something for everyone.

At just £2 an hour per person, or £5 for a full day of games (4 hours on weekends, due to demand), customers have access to a full range of games and dedicated space for settling into longer sessions.

The gamers paradise also allows the opportunity to order food and drinks or even alcohol from the on-site restaurants.

To further expand their customer base, the cafe has arranged for a parent and baby group, aptly named the Bean Babies, where families may go along to socialise with others and play games in the child area.

In addition to this group, the cafe runs a regular Dungeons and Dragons group run by experienced players.

The aim is to help perspective Dungeon Masters to construct worlds and to allow people the chance to experience a campaign before ever having to create their own.


After running their 6-course Valentine’s Day menu and gaming event this week at £40 per couple, the cafe will have dealt with one of the busiest times of year before preparing for potential Easter events in the coming weeks.

Bean Gaming Cafe can be found at 22 Silver Street.



City centre heaving as 2018 Christmas lights are turned on

By Ollie Churm

Thousands of people gathered in Leicester city centre last Thursday(NOV22) to watch as the Christmas lights were turned on during a festive evening of performances and fun.

Many acts preformed including the 2013 X Factor winner Sam Bailey, who sang alongside her co-stars of De Montfort Hall’s Peter Pan.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! – Part of the Christmas display’s in Leicester City Centre.

The lights were turned on by the Lord Mayor of Leicester, Councillor Ross Grant, with the help of ITV presenter Matt Teale and Santa Claus himself.

Many stalls were open selling festive treats and food such as German hot dogs, Indian tapas and plenty of beer to ensure everyone got into the Christmas spirit.

Black Friday sales take over Leicester Highcross

By Ollie Churm

Leicester’s Highcross was filled with shoppers this Friday, November 23, as stores took part in the annual Black Friday sales.

Black Friday originated in America and takes place on the day after Thanksgiving as a way to encourage shoppers to spend more money in the run up to Christmas by reducing prices for one day only.

In America, it is usually the busiest shopping day of the year and in recent years, the tradition has made its way across the pond to the UK, where shops and websites have lowered their prices for a 24-hour period.


50% OFF! – A Sale at Urban Outfitters in the Highcross on Black Friday

Leicester city centre was besieged by shoppers on Friday, November 23, as hundreds of stores around Leicester took part in Black Friday.

Casey Ellis, an employee of Urban Outfitters in the Highcross, said: “It has been busier than usual. I mean, we haven’t seen the crowds that you see in America, but compared to an average Friday, we’ve had a lot more sales.

“We had some items that are being sold at 50% off, so we did expect a lot of people to be coming in and we weren’t wrong.”

Mr Ellis continued: “I think it’s a great way for not only the shop to bring in money but also for people to grab a good bargain and maybe get some discounted presents in before Christmas.”

Black Friday was given the name as it is often the day that shops “move into the black”, meaning they have enough money to cover their costs while reducing prices.


Massive Black Friday sales – A 20% off sale on everything at H&M

Erin Howell, 20 and a student who went shopping in the Highcross during the sales said: “I think it’s really good. Some people really struggle financially at this time of year so having a day where prices are reduced on almost everything, can really help people out.”

“I went to the Highcross and made a few purchases that were in the sale and to be honest the only thing is I saw some things that I bought the other week at full price that are now on sale, so that was a bit annoying,” Miss Howell joked.

Black Friday isn’t something all shops decided to take part in however, with supermarket ASDA no longer taking part in the 24-hour event due to an incident that occurred at a store in Wembley where customers were caught wrestling over a television.

George Osborne, 21 and an aspiring bodybuilder and online training coach said: “I’m not too keen on Black Friday if I’m honest. Sure, it’s nice getting some discounted trainers or whatever, but for me and my business it’s not ideal.

“I’ve felt a bit pressured this year to reduce my prices on Black Friday. There have been tonnes of comments on my Youtube asking what deals I’ll have going on and yeah it’s nice to help people out don’t get me wrong, but I’m trying my best to start a company here, so dropping my prices, which I try my best to make reasonable year-round, isn’t great.”

Get the BEST vegan cakes in the UK right here in Leicester

By Ollie Churm

For the fourth year in a row, Leicester based business ‘The Vegan Cakery’ has won a nationwide award for the best vegan cakes.

Leicestershire bakery The Vegan Cakery rose to the occasion to be named the best in the UK at the national VegFest UK Awards 2018.

Owner and self-taught vegan baker Michelle Orme received the award – which is voted for by members of the public around the UK – from TV presenter, radio DJ, actress and model Sarah-Jane Crawford at the VegFest awards ceremony at Olympia London in Kensington.

Michelle’s success this weekend is the seventh national accolade for her popular one-woman business since 2013 – the year after she established The Vegan Cakery from her home kitchen.

Halloween film marathon to be hosted by The Shed

By Alex Leadbitter

On Halloween night, The Shed is hosting a film marathon where they will be showing and range of horror movies throughout the day.

Beginning at noon on October 31, films will be playing back to back until 12 o’clock midnight with five minute breaks in between each film.

The films that will be shown will get progressively scarier as the night progresses so for those that turn up at the start of the showings won’t be frightened too much.

Elisabeth Barker-Carley, owner of The Shed said: “We wanted to offer a place for people to turn up and enjoy Halloween without having to stress about having to go out and getting really drunk.

“They can show up here, sit down with their friends and just have a really cool night of watching horror movies, and it’s free entry.”

The Shed currently offer a monthly film night that they call ‘Shedflix and Chill’ where they show a wide variety of films on the second Thursday of every month.


A small look at the impressive 15 foot TV and Halloween decorations

Miss Barker-Carley continued: “We want this to kick off the first of a monthly horror night because the Shed is a club on Tuesdays and Thursdays so we wanted to do something a bit more easy going.

“We’re the only small venue to have a 15 foot LED TV and it’s curved so you’ll be able to get a great view no matter where you’re sitting.

“It’s an amazing chance to see classic old school films on a modern TV and sound system.”

Although they are subject to change, as of now the films that are showing are Halloween, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Final Destination, Insidious, Nightmare on Elm Street and Amityville Horror.

“We’re encouraging fancy dress; all the staff will be dressed up and we’ve set the venue up with all kinds of Halloween decorations but most importantly we just want everyone to have a fun time.”

Information about the event can be found on the Shed’s Facebook Page at

For further information about the Halloween film showings or any upcoming events at The Shed, you can visit their website at