Get the BEST vegan cakes in the UK right here in Leicester

By Ollie Churm

For the fourth year in a row, Leicester based business ‘The Vegan Cakery’ has won a nationwide award for the best vegan cakes.

Leicestershire bakery The Vegan Cakery rose to the occasion to be named the best in the UK at the national VegFest UK Awards 2018.

Owner and self-taught vegan baker Michelle Orme received the award – which is voted for by members of the public around the UK – from TV presenter, radio DJ, actress and model Sarah-Jane Crawford at the VegFest awards ceremony at Olympia London in Kensington.

Michelle’s success this weekend is the seventh national accolade for her popular one-woman business since 2013 – the year after she established The Vegan Cakery from her home kitchen.

Leicester Market offer fruit and vegetables to those who need it

By Conor de Smith

Leicester Market traders are offering fruit and vegetables to those who need it with the government food welfare scheme called Healthy Start.

The initiative offer those eligible tokens worth £3.10 which they can spend on milk, formula milk, or fresh fruit and vegetables.

Women who are a minimum of 10 weeks pregnant and parents with children under four-years-old qualify for Healthy Start. Women are also eligible if they are under 18 and pregnant, even if they don’t get any of the above benefits.

Those on Income Support, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income-related Employment and Support Allowance, Child Tax Credit or Universal Credit also qualify.

People can use the rokes once a week and families with children under the age of one may use two per week.

There are two stalls in Leicester Market that are accepting these tokens with it vital that people get their daily intake of fruit and veg.

Five reasons to get your 5 A Day:

  • Higher consumption of fruit and vegetables is associated with a lower risk of mortality from all causes, particularly from cardiovascular diseases and cancers The results support current recommendations to increase consumption to promote health and overall longevity.
  • They’re an excellent source of dietary fibre. This can help to maintain a healthy gut and prevent constipation and other digestion problems. A diet high in fibre can also reduce your risk of bowel cancer.
  • Fruit and vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals, including folate, vitamin C and potassium. Vitamins and minerals are nutrients your body needs in small amounts to work properly and stay healthy.
  • Fruit and vegetables are also usually low in fat and calories (provided you don’t fry them or roast them in lots of oil). That’s why eating them can help you maintain a healthy weight.
  • Fruit and vegetables taste delicious and there’s so much variety to choose from, especially when making smoothies.

Michelin restaurant dining in Hong Kong – for less than £10

By Adrianna Zawadzka

A restaurant with a Michelin star sounds like an assurance of a high-quality food, amazing service and unforgettable experience. However, after spending six days in Hong Kong, on a trip organised by De Montfort University in Leicester, I know now, that in this city everything can surprise you.

A few years ago, in a documentary about different and interesting restaurants around the world, I saw a place called Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong. The authors explained how cheaply and well you can eat there, which caught my attention. The restaurant sounded like one of the biggest attraction of the whole trip.

Once we arrived to China, I bombarded my friends with questions about visiting Tim Ho Wan. On the last day, we finally managed to  give the place a chance, hoping to get swept away consuming traditional, Chinese dishes in a traditional, GOOD, Chinese restaurant.

The journey to get there took about an hour from the hotel. Hong Kong Station which was our destination, turned out to be a shopping centre. Tim Ho Wan was on the 3rd floor; tiny restaurant with a queue outside.

What surprised us at the beginning was the menu we were given while waiting for our table. A green piece of paper with the dishes divided by the type of food and a pencil. To order a dish, you simply indicate your choice of food on the menu and give it to the waiter when you are seated.

Not long after we sat down at very cramped, tiny table, the variety of dishes filled up the rest of the free space. Sweet buns with BBQ pork, steamed egg cake, spring rolls with sea food inside and many more. Each person ordered three dishes, each of us tried everything, and each of us harmoniously was surprised. That might be the perfect word. Surprised with the customer service in this place, surprised by the food, but most importantly – by the price. For three dishes of the traditional, Chinese food and a can of traditional American coke, each of us paid equivalent of less than £10.

While leaving we all agreed it was worth it. We ate in a Michelin star restaurant for less than a tenner. We tried most of the food, we always wanted to try while we were in Hong Kong. Probably more than the food, we will remember the whole experience. At the end of the day, life is all about trying something new ever day.


If an awkward dining experience is your kinda thing – here’s the place for you

REVIEW: Spring Deer, Nathan Road, Tsim She Tsui, Hong Kong
by Toby Jeffery

DMU students have been exploring Hong Kong as part of the unique #DMUglobal scheme. But not every Chinese restaurant lives up to expectations

A butch Australian man sits at a bar overlooking the golden beach of Hong Kong’s Big Wave Bay. After taking another sip of Tsingtao beer, he explains to a couple of gormless students that the best place to eat Chinese food in the whole region is off the vibrant, bustling Nathan Road in the Tsim Sha Tsui district. He’s been going there for twenty years.

Spring Deer restaurant does not stand out on Mody Road. To get to it, you must first be confronted by numerous gentlemen trying to sell you a tailored suit. Then, if you don’t walk straight past it, you enter and take the first, conspicuous stairway on the right.

You are greeted, sort of, by the host, who will ask if you have a booking. If you don’t, then you wait. Three small stools in a tiny corridor, facing all of the awards that the restaurant has obtained over the past few years. You sit there, anxiously. The food must be amazing.

We turned up only fifteen minutes after Spring Deer had opened and were lucky to get a table for two. The condition was that we were to return the table after an hour. We were hurriedly led to the table and sat down.

The service was, at best, terrifying. We had three different servers during the hour. One was a tall, intimidating lady wearing a black blazer and trousers, and a ruffled white shirt. Her role was to forcefully pour our drinks and approach us relatively frequently to complete the most menial tasks, including, but not limited to, moving the napkin from the table to our laps. Her expression almost suggested that even our being there was a nuisance to her.

Our favourite, however, was the waiter who would often come and pay us a visit. He would say nothing. He would walk to the table, and then pause, just for a moment or two. He would look around. And leave. He was our favourite because his service stood out. In comical value.

Let’s talk prices. Bear in mind that there is a Michelin-starred Dim Sum restaurant just up the road from Spring Deer that offers dishes which rarely cost more than £2 each. Here, I ordered a small dish of sweet and sour pork, for just under a tenner.

I hate to draw comparisons with the Chinese food that is available to take away in the UK, but it is easily possible to order an even larger portion of sweet and sour pork in batter (albeit much thicker, greasier batter) for around half the price of what I paid in Hong Kong. When it comes to value for money, I think I’d rather have the takeaway. The meal didn’t even come with rice, or noodles. That cost extra.

I’m sure that if you were willing to pay a fair amount for a full meal, you would get some good food in return. The quality of the pork wasn’t that bad. In fact, we did witness one table having the freshly cooked meat carved in front of them, ready for their unique dining experience. I guess that would be a nice touch.

But it’s not the food itself that left us scratching our heads upon leaving. My dining partner summed up the atmosphere of the meal in one simple, panicked expression when our new friend, the waiter, was walking towards us, again: “Ah, he’s coming!”.

I’ll remember that more than the food.





By Adrianna Zawadzka

Hong Kong is one of the most diverse, magical and exciting cities in the world. Yesterday, seven journalism students from De Montfort University started their life-time adventure.

After checking-in to their hotel, leaving their bags and getting some refreshment, they went out to explore the hotel’s neighbourhood. While searching for a place to their first taste of Chinese food and drinks, students got a chance to see the meat and fish market, full of fresh and exotic food.

Briar Wooldridge, 21, said: “Fishes, crabs and lobsters kept in big aquariums and ready to be prepared shocked me the most in this place. I have never seen such a wide range of fresh sea food.”


After a long search, the chosen restaurant turned out to be a great place for their first dinner in Hong Kong.

“We went there to get some drinks, but we ended up eating chicken and noodles, because the waitress didn’t understand us, and that was great,” said Seb Old, 22.


A chicken dish

The next stop of the journey was the Chinese bakery, where the price for local cakes was 25 HK$ – the equivalent of 25p in the UK.

“Warm egg tarts were absolutely amazing,” said Sara Cardoso Torres Vinagre, 22. While eating the sweet treats in a nearby park, students got a chance to listen to the wild birds, which gave a beautiful melody.

After getting some well-deserved rest in the hotel, some of the students decided to explore central Hong Kong with a trip organised by Students Union. That gave them another chance to view the other side of this amazing city full of restaurants, shops, bars and pubs.

Students are looking forward for the rest of the amazing attractions waiting for them throughout the week.