Youth Centre sets up fund-raising book sale

By Charlie Ramshall

Oadby Youth Centre is holding a fund-raising book sale on Saturday, June 24.

The Youth Centre is located on Wigston Road, Oadby, with the event taking place from 2pm until 4pm.

All proceeds will go back to the centre. The entrance cost for the sale is £3 and that includes a hot drink, cake and a book.

Individual books are 50p and the organisers have said that everyone is welcome.

Give Back: Help tackle homelessness in Leicester

By Charlie Ramshall

Give Leicester have a new revolutionary way of supporting the homeless or those who are trying to get back on track.

The group has been set-up by BID Leicester and Leicester City Council to help tackle homelessness.

Give Leicester’s method of donating Is ground-breaking and so far, they have raised over £46,000.

Scanning your bank card at one of their donation points would make a £3 donation to The Bridge Homelessness to Hope who provide services to those who are homeless or in a bad place including meals at breakfast and lunchtime, as well as places people can go to discuss physical and mental health.

For more information on where to find donation points and what organisations they work alongside visit their website:

Leicester Charter set up list where homeless can get hot meals

By Charlie Ramshall

Leicester Homelessness Charter is a group that was organised to help the community who suffer from homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless.

The charter has set up a list on their website that is updated regularly which shows times and locations of hot meals throughout the week.

Project Coordinator Rebecca Pawley said: “The list is updated whenever I am told there is changes and the list currently live is the most recent one.”

The list includes, the time of the day when they are serving as well as the location, what is provided and other information about the service.

To access the list, visit their website here.

Wigston football club set up fundraising day

By Charlie Ramshall

Wigston Willows and the Wigston community have come together to help raise money for the football club.

The event is taking place on Sunday, May 28, and begins at midday.

There is going to be a match featuring girls, and then another match featuring the boys too and people can donate to feature in the match with all proceeds going back into the club.

Manager of one of the Under-11 teams, Nathan Merriman, said: “It’s been in the works for a few months, we wanted to do something with the time off.”

Nathan Merriman(L) with his under-11 football team

There will also be a raffle during the day and all donations made will help the club to buy new equipment or kits for the teams.

Businesses within Wigston have helped with raffle prizes and members of the community have donated around £600 from raffle tickets.

The club wants to gauge interest from the community as they want to do something bigger next year.

The money that is raised from the day will be distributed by the chairman to various sections throughout the club.

Punk Rock exhibition at Leicester Museum and Art Gallery

By Charlie Ramshall

One of the most rebellious music genres the UK has ever seen is being celebrated here in Leicester.

The Punk: Rage and Revolution exhibition is being staged at Leicester Museum and Art Gallery, New Walk from this Saturday, May 27, until Sunday, September 3.

The exhibition has been put together by the people at Soft Touch Arts and will focus on all the different aspects of 70s British Punk.

The exhibition will use information panels, original objects and ephemera to display the impact punk had on its audience.

“The chaos and creation of the 1970s British Punk scene.”

Entry for the exhibition is free all summer so you can visit as many times as you like.

This ties in nicely with the Punk Festival Weekend which is planned for Friday, August 18 until Sunday, August 20.

For more information on the event visit: