De Montfort University marketing students hold charity event

By Aminah Iqbal

DMU marketing students held a charity event in the Students’ Union to collect clothes for local mosques in Leicester and money for a new charity bin in DMU.

Stop, Drop and Donate! Salma Yasmin, Aisha Chowdhury and Paloma Peirce

Marketing students Salma Yasmin, Aisha Chowdhury and Paloma Peirce held this event as part of a project on their marketing course to hold an event in something they felt strongly about.

All three girls decided that they wanted to do something to give back to their local community so held a charity event where they had sweet stalls and sold raffle tickets to raise enough money to get DMU a new charity bin where students can donate old clothes.

They also collected unwanted clothing items from students and donated it to local mosques to give out to homeless people in Leicester.

After counting, the group raised in total around £100 to put towards the new charity bin.

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