Outdated, expensive or symbol of strength? DMU students discuss importance of monarchy in modern society 

By Will Miller

DMU students have shared their views on the Monarchy, after the country watched the Coronation of King Charles III at the beginning of May.

With some people publicly demanding a defunded monarchy, DMU students spoke about their views on the relevance of the Royals.  


Wiktoria Mysera, right, who studies Comic and Concept art, said: “I only think they are relevant for the souvenirs they sell.

“They’re very controversial, the only thing they do is fuel tabloids.”  


These sentiments were mirrored by Interior Design student, Hannah Pringle, left, who said: “I think they’re outdated and they have little legal power today, so I don’t think they have much relevance.”


English Literature student, Sophie Mundy, right, said “They only have a ceremonial purpose now, I think they’re a waste of money.”


Speech and Language therapy student, Kate Lapper, left, said: “They don’t contribute enough to the economy to justify the huge amounts of tax payers money that they spend.” 


However, cybersecurity student, Alex Miller, right, disagreed and said: “I love the monarchy, they bring in so much money through tourism and act as a symbol of strength.” 

Where there is a slightly conflicted view on the importance of monarchy, the common view at DMU is that the monarchy is an outdated institution. 

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