GCSE students under covid restrictions felt their prime teen years were stripped away from them 

By Hassan Geele

The way Covid-19 struck many students whilst in their prime teen years studying at a GCSE level has heavily affect them mentally, according to one who went on to university. 

School students at the time were unsure whether they would be completing their GCSEs in exam conditions or in a restricted manner, putting them in an uncomfortable situation. 

Ahmed Ahmed, a 19-year-old University of Leicester student, said: “We weren’t told whether we would be completing our exams or not.”

He said that fact hanging over his head made it a stressful time for him. 

He added: “Revising with the sense of it being possibly wasteful was an awkward feeling.”

Ahmed said as a result, he felt he occupied his prime teen years with revision and covid restrictions even though he would not end up doing any exams. 

Instead, he was awarded his grades via a teacher assessed grade system. He said: “It was unfair because some of my work in class wasn’t an accurate reflection of me.” 

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