DMU’s Building Bridges to Wellbeing scheme introduces refreshing wellbeing walks

By Kelly Gowe

De Montfort University (DMU) has launched Building Bridges to Wellbeing, a new initiative prioritising student mental health.

As part of this program, DMU is holding Wellbeing Walks, providing students with a refreshing way to enhance their mental and physical health while connecting with nature.

Students have praised the Wellbeing Walks, finding solace in taking a break from academic responsibilities and enjoying the campus’ beauty.

One DMU student, Sarah Wilson, said: “The Wellbeing Walks have become a highlight of my week. It reduces stress and improves my overall wellbeing.”

Led by trained volunteers, the walks incorporate mindfulness techniques and encourage participants to engage with their surroundings.

John Parker, another student, said: “The Wellbeing Walks have become an essential self-care practice for me. DMU’s commitment to student wellbeing is commendable.”

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