DMU student plans for more Beyblade tournaments in Leicester

By Callam Banghard

A De Montfort University student who hosts regular Beyblade events in Leicester is planning to organise tournaments in the city.

“Beyblade is a board game where two spinning tops battle head-to-head in a small stadium,” explained Sow Ratnasingam, “with the objective of being the last one standing by either knocking out your opponent out of the stadium, or, by being the last one standing in the stadium.”

This is a game that is not well known in the UK but Sow is determined to make it better known.

He said: “In my view, the game isn’t as popular as other franchises such as Pokémon due to a variety of reasons, but after hosting tournaments there is still demand for events like this to happen.”

Talking about his own plans, Sow added: “I host these events in a café called Reroll in Leicester and I plan on hosting one tournament during the summer but this depends on availability.”

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