DMU student left stranded after Harry Styles concert

By Faith Agbonson

Stranded: Lola Bailey at Birmingham train station

A DMU student was left stranded on a half-deserted train platform for hours after a night out at a concert. 

Nineteen-year-old DMU student Lola Bailey was left deserted after they attended a Harry Styles concert last Tuesday (23 May). 

After a thrilling concert experience, Lola expected to take the last train of the night at 10:04pm, however, the performance unexpectedly ran over time. They were left with no choice but to catch the next train from Coventry Arena to Nuneaton. 

After arriving at Nuneaton, they checked their phone, looking for which train to get next. Unfortunately, the very train they needed to board had left just as they realised what was happening. 

Following a train officer’s guidance, they took a different train to Birmingham New Street in hope of being able to switch there for a Leicester-bound train.

However, the last train to Leicester had gone – and they were left to wait there for almost five hours for the earliest train at 5:19am. 

Train staff at New Street were confused as to why the officer had sent them there and sympathetically offered them food and drink. Sadly, that did not solve the issue of the cold night air. 

Lola said: “I only had a short-sleeved T-shirt and my Pride flag over my shoulders, but a wonderful lady that went to the concert as well offered me her concert blanket. 

“I still have the blanket and plan on taking it to all my future concerts.” 

Although the experience was a tough one, they learnt much from this predicament and know now to always stay prepared when it comes to travelling late at night. 

“Next time, I’ll be sure to think smart and plan my train times better,” said Lola. 

Apart from the awful situation, Lola is happy they heard the songs Fine Line and Medicine live. 

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