UN representative discusses DMU’s sustainability goals with students and staff

By Amina Ali

A United Nations official has highlighted DMU’s impact on sustainability following her visit to the university. 

Inspiring: Jayashri Wyatt discusses her thoughts with a DMU audience (redpix.co.uk)

The visit highlighted the university’s’ initiatives using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to push students and educators to use education as a force of good. 

“What universities are doing and what DMU is doing specifically has impact on the ground for the 25,000+ young people who are studying on that campus and it’s just so edifying to see,” said Jayashri Wyatt, the Chief of Education Outreach in the Outreach Division of the UN Department of Global Communications.

DMU has several projects for the improvement of the curriculum in line the SDG’s such as Decolonising DMU which aims to challenge racism and build an anti-racist university as well as DMU Sustainability which is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its activities at local, regional, national and global levels.  

During the visit at the end of April, DMU’s Media Discourse Centre and its students engaged in conversation with both Ms Wyatt and Carlos Islam, (UN Public Information Officer,) about their opinions, experience and education of the world of media. 

Referring to journalism and film, Ms Wyatt said: ““We live in a time of enormous misinformation and disinformation.”

“Information integrity in telling stories that are respectful and factually correct about the subjects are key.”

She added: “I’d love to come back to DMU—I had an incredible visit and the university hosted us in such a hospitable way.”

“We very much look forward to continuing our partnership with De Montfort University and universities from all corners of the world.” 

If you would like to learn more about SDGs, visit: https://www.undp.org/sustainable-development-goals. 


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