It’s Oh So Quiet in the Treetops

By Lola Bailey

Every second Sunday of each month, people are being invited to join Treetop Adventure Golf in Leicester city centre to a quiet session from 9am to 11am.

Damian Rademaker in front of the Tropical trail.

This session, called It’s Oh So Quiet, was put in place to help people who may have sensory overloads or for people who just want to play mini-golf without the normal loud noises and bright lights.

Damian Rademaker, an employee at Treetop Adventure Golf, said: “It’s treasured memories for the guests.

“It’s for them to get the full experience of the venue without the sounds to make their experience better.

“It’s an opportunity for disabled people or people who have sensory overloads to enjoy mini-golf the same way as others.”

It’s Oh So Quiet has been around since the opening of Treetop Adventure Golf in Leicester’s Highcross in 2019.

This session is open to everyone and no bookings are required.

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