Gaming club Starbase Leicester pays tribute to cult Star Wars movies

By Kelly Gowe

Star Wars fans in Leicester gathered at Aylestone Leisure Centre to celebrate May the 4th, the annual commemorative day that pays tribute to the franchise’s famous catchphrase, “May the Force be with you.”

The event was organised by StarBase Leicester, a local sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming club that has been an essential part of the local fandom community since its creation in 2005.

The event featured activities including cosplay contests, light-saber battles, and trivia quizzes, emphasising the importance of intergenerational interests and the impact of escapist fiction.

Sam Eld, the organiser of StarBase Leicester, said: “Fiction allows people to forget their troubles for a little while and immerse themselves in different worlds.”

Leicester Comic Con/Toy Fair was also discussed, another local event that has grown in popularity over the years.

Fans noted that events like these allow them to “connect with others who share their passion for science fiction and fantasy”.

Despite the event’s significance, attendance was lower than usual due to the clash with the King’s Coronation this year. However, fans were still able to celebrate safely and enjoyably.

StarBase Leicester is a non-profit organization that promotes sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming in the local community.

The group welcomes anyone interested in these genres and encourages fans of all ages to join.

StarBase Leicester has hosted various events over the years, including conventions, toy fairs, and movie screenings.

The group also offers regular meetups and online discussions for members to connect and share their love of sci-fi and fantasy.

The event showcased the dedication and passion of the local fandom community, emphasising the importance of franchises like Star Wars, which have been a significant part of popular culture for over four decades.

Star Wars has inspired countless books, films, and TV shows and has been a source of inspiration for many fans.

Those interested in joining StarBase Leicester or attending future events can contact Sam Eld via email at or find the group’s events on Eventbrite.