Shamanic healer takes crystal healing holistic alternative to western medicine out and about in Leicestershire

By Shreeya Vaja

From a 9 to 5 employee to a self-employed crystal healer, Kam Sundal has found her calling as a shamanic healer and has started her own business Crystal Healing Works UK.

Working from her home in Birstall, Kam said she combines her crystal healing, crystal surgery, shamanic work and reiki to give her customers the best healing experience as possible.

After being made redundant from her job at British Gas, Kam explained she got a calling through powerful meditation to go to America and learn crystal surgery, after which she started her business three years ago and specialised in crystal surgery.

Kam said after this spiritual realisation “everything changed in my life.”

Kam Sundal: filtering the sun’s energy through a crystal point.

Crystal surgery aims to repair chakras and restore emotional balance which inspired Kam. She said: “I want to help people raise their vibration.”

She believes pharmaceuticals are not as effective with healing the full body including “the mind, body and spirit” of a person.

Kam said she aims to introduce the western society to the rare practice of crystal surgery.

Twice a month she gives back to the community through going to charities, schools, care homes, etc to educate and provide crystal surgery and healing workshops.

On Saturday, May 27, and Sunday 28, Kam will be making an appearance at Nanpantan Hall, Loughborough, at a health and wellbeing retreat.

There, she plans to host an introductory workshop on crystal surgery and allow people to book an hour session with her, with a highly discounted price of £45.

As well as performing crystal surgery, Kam said she has found a calling to teach others how to become shamanic healers.

She believes it’s her “path to help others” and to “allow them a safe space” where they can explore spirituality.

Kam hopes to expand Crystal Healing Works UK into a centre of healing where people can learn to heal and be healed by these holistic methods.


  1. Shailesh Lad says:

    I have used Kam many times and she’s gifted for sure!

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