Young upcoming band bursts onto Leicester music scene 

By George Kirk

Exciting new band Hymn are set to return to Leicester this summer, after a fantastic response to their debut performance supporting Vertigo Flowers at the Shed last March. 

Exhilarating: The lads rock out at The Shed in Leicester

That performance resulted in the band gaining recognition from The Music in Leicester magazine. 

Teenagers Sam King (guitarist), Paul Andre (bass guitarist), Kian Freeman (lead singer) and Tom Swirles (drums) all share a burning passion for music.

The lads are inspired by the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Nick Cogan of Drug Church. 

Ready to rock: Paul (left), Samuel (centre) and Tom (right) snapped meeting before rehearsals.

The band have described their sound as a mix between shoegaze and grunge, similar to groups such as Hume, Title Fight and Narrowhead.

It all started five years ago when longtime friends Kian and Sam began writing tracks and jamming together after school. 

Both of the boys realised they had serious potential to create a band, and when they started college, began scouting for new members, discovering the talents of Paul and Tom. 

Thrilling: Kian sings his heart out to a venue of mesmerised supporters

Guitarist Sam said: “Performing on stage is a massive confidence boost and a truly amazing feeling seeing the crowd respond in such a positive way. 

“Kian does find the crowd quite daunting at times, however, we all love the fact we’re able to perform together as mates.

“In the future our main intention is to make a name for ourselves and leave a lasting impression on the modern day music scene.”  

You can take a listen to the band live in action using the link below:

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