Taste of the Caribbean comes to Clarendon Park under name of Koffee Klubb

By Shreeya Vaja

Sisters Sharlene and Kourtney Taylor are giving Clarendon Park a taste of the Caribbean with their new urban café Koffee Klubb. 

Koffee Klubb opened its doors to Leicester in April and aims to introduce the community to a coffee shop, with the twist of Caribbean flavours that Sharlene and Kourtney grew up enjoying.  

The sisters celebrate their Antiguan heritage by selling Caribbean spiced coffee and hot chocolate, along with all day breakfast items inspired by traditional flavours.

As well as their hearty food and drinks, they aim to create a friendly environment in Koffee Klubb, in hopes to bring together the tight community of Clarendon Park.  

Welcoming: Inside the urban cafe Koffee Klubb

Sharlene said that after the Covid lockdown, “People got used to working from home and many still do.”

Her hope is to allow these people a friendly place they can work, socialise and enjoy all the café has to offer.  

To further Koffee Klubb’s community-based reputation, they sell local artwork such as plant pots, canvases and crochet items to support local talent and businesses.

Sharlene and Kourtney pride themselves on the locality of the products they use, from their Wild & Furrow oat milk from Market Harborough to their St Martins coffee roasters beans from Great Glen.  

Sharlene and Kourtney have put their passion for food and coffee into Koffee Klubb and have ventured it as their first business.

Describing why they decided to open a café, Sharlene said: “Life is too short, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”  

Just in their first few weeks, they have already obtained regulars and have been trying to bring the warmth of the Caribbean to Clarendon Park.

In the future they aim to spread Koffee Klubb throughout Leicester city but for now they are gracing Clarendon Park with a twist on the classic café. 

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