Student transforms her Leicester Lockdown hobby into successful Bex’s Bags business

By Shreeya Vaja

A DMU Fashion communication student who started making her tote bags for her friends and family in lockdown has now transformed her skills into her own business.

Bex-Zoe Davidson made her first bag in the 2020 lockdown from her room in Leicester and is now selling her signature puffer bags, with the classic gingham style throughout the UK. 

Stylish: Bex-Zoe Davidson sets up a display of one of her latest bag ranges

Aged just 21, Bex has now bought her own studio as the headquarters of Bex’s Bags as her first business grows from a simple lockdown venture to a potential full-time job.

Bex said: “It’s gone from being a struggle to something of a living wage.

“Separating the business from home to the studio is just the beginning.”

Bex is introducing new drops which include gingham style cross body bags to expand her collection and to show her passion for fashion through her work.

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