Inspirational artist embarks on his biggest challenge yet

By George Kirk

Well known for his work on mental health awareness, Anton Levy Amoo has begun work on two projects for the Leicester Riverside Festival on the 3rd and 4th of June. 

For the first piece of art, Anton will be going back to his roots, working with local children after previously working for more than 10 years at a school with the other being a solo piece.

Inspiring: Anton shows one of the students how to use the spray paint

His experience previously working in a school made him realise how some young people don’t understand the triggers to their mental health issues, often due to social media.

Anton will be hosting weekly workshops with the children with the final aim to create a grand piece with work from all the children, based on unity.

He said to the children: “You are all here to be united in one community.’ 

The children have been shown how to use spray paints, as well as creating their own art in Anton’s distinctive style with messages of support on them and placing them around the local area, in the same way Anton boosted the mental health of the city during lockdown

Focused: One of the students works away at replicating Amoo’s distinctive style

Anton said: “We need to remove the stigma [about mental health], if someone is having a rough time it can’t just be pinned on their mental health as we all have it.

“More support is needed before relying on medication, people need to find what brings them peace of mind to switch off and relax.”

He told the children: “Be the person you truly are and never lose the drive for your passions.”

Captivated: The students take turns in practicing with the spray paint

Anton said it took him years before he was able to fully express his passion and creativity and he aims to get youngsters to blossom in their talents. 

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