Parkinson’s Awareness Month: Leicester woman living with condition offers advice to others

By Molly Lee

Parkinson’s can affect people differently as there are over 40 different symptoms, according to Claire Marie Jones who was diagnosed in 2015.

The Parkinson’s UK charity reports that around 145,000 people lived with Parkinson’s in the UK in 2020.

The neurological condition is currently incurable and can cause tremors, difficulties with walking and speech, and more symptoms.

Claire said that everyone who has the condition has their own “unique cocktail to them” due to the many different symptoms.

Treatment includes medication, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

After years of living with the condition, Claire said: “If you are waiting for a diagnosis, take a deep breath.

“Give yourself space to deal with it and get mental health help if you need it as it is a life-changing diagnosis.”

Organisations such as Cure Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s UK provide helpful resources.

If you would like support or information, please visit either or

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