DMU Turkish Society raises donations to help people suffering from catastrophic Turkey and Syria earthquakes 

By Levi Keogh

One of the deadliest earthquakes recorded hit Turkey and Syria on February 6th, leaving behind death and destruction as cities collapsed and facilities crumbled.

The disaster has so far killed a reported 35,000+ people, with the UN predicting that this figure will double in the coming weeks.

In the wake of the tragedy, students at De Montfort University in Leicester have united to form a new society at immense speed, setting up a stand at the students’ union building every day to spread awareness and ask for donations to help the recovery of their homeland.

The size of the earthquake, and others since, was tremendous, leaving an image of hell on earth for those on the ground.

According to the Red Cross: “The epicentre of the first earthquake was near the Turkish city of Gaziantep, which is around 150 miles north of the Syrian border. The second, just hours later at 1.30pm local time, was further north in central Türkiye (Turkey).”

In a distressing statement, third year computer game programming student and member of the Turkish Society Onur Hisarli said: “There are 15 people who I know who have died.”

He was planning to travel home to his family in Turkey. Describing the mission of this society, he said: “This society is built for donations towards the earthquake, and it will remain as that.”

Thousands of homes have been destroyed. On top of that, roads and hospitals are also in ruins, meaning aid is difficult to find.

Days after the first earthquake, people were still being found alive under rubble. Onur explained: “There is a crack of 400km, a single crack [in the ground].

“The surface area it damaged is equivalent to 10 cities, with 60 to 70 percent of every building gone, including airports, hospitals and highways, which makes it tough to travel and bring supplies to those in need.”  

The world is now coming together to aid this catastrophe. It is a beacon of hope when people unite to help each other. 

Sending money from non profit charities is currently difficult, so if you would like to help you can visit the students’ union and speak with members of the society or donate via: