Pakistan pleads for aid for restoration after killer floods

By Zarina Ahmed

Following the disaster brought by the floods that hit Pakistan recently, pleas for emergency cash have been made by the country’s climate change minister in order to rebuild the country.

Sherry Rehman stressed the severity of the climate disaster, calling for aid as the floods have left Pakistan reeling from a crashing economy whilst many have suffered displacement.

She called the floods the climate event of the century, also urging for extra funding in order to strengthen the country’s climate resilience.

The floods originated from torrential monsoon rains caused by the world’s ongoing climate changes, flooding the Sindh and Balochistan regions since June this year.

The origins of the floods in Pakistan: Sindh and Balochistan

Whilst the country suffered a setback of more than £30 billion in economic losses, the country also suffered human losses, with 1,700 people dead and 7.9 million displaced from their homes.

People fleeing from the flood in Sindh (Pic: Flickr)

Only a small fraction of those displaced people had received aid since the calamity whilst others are still yet to find stability.

“I was hearing things from people I knew and hearing what they saw, and hearing about their losses and pain. The future may be worse though and it could happen all over again,” said Nahida Begum, one of many affected by the floods.

“It was scary: not knowing if anyone I knew would be okay or if I could see them again.

“The weather is bad anyway but this time, there was no certainty in the future or anything else.”

Following the destruction caused by the disaster, Pakistan is in need of additional loans and emergency cash to rebuild the damage.

The scale of the flood that came from the heavy monsoons (Pic: Wikimedia Commons)

Despite the consequences of the flooding, Pakistan has a history of corruption and an unsteady economy, complicating the future of its standing after repairs to the disaster.

The already pressing matter of the country’s political and financial standing combined have raised doubts and concerns for its position, but calls for aid are still being heavily pushed for.

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