Student opens up about university struggles in Leicester

By Beni Azakaye

A first year student at De Montfort University in Leicester has raised concerns about the cost of living as a student and her failed trials to get a job.

The 19-year-old said: “I live off noodles and water every day.”

She described her eating pattern as 0-0-1 daily to save money for her accommodation rent and wants the government to provide a benefit plan for students fending for themselves or a card for reduced costs to help them save more.

The student said she attends multiple food banks every Thursday and saves what she gets so she can have a perfect Sunday lunch.

She said she has found there is a lack of jobs for university students in the city and that most jobs available are just full-time and not matching her timetable.

“I’m going through this phrase because I deserve a better future.” she added.

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