DMU games design student empathizes with first and second years over licensing issue

By Alice Wright

A third year student feels for first and second year games design students at De Montfort University after a licensing issue with Adobe Creative Cloud has left them without access to software from home.

Students are still able to access software from university computers. However, during the Coronavirus pandemic they had been able to access Creative Cloud services for the last few years from home, allowing them to work on projects away from campus.

Tom sculpting a head in 3ds Max

Tom, who did not want to be fully named, said: “People have to go into uni to do any work, which for us in third year that’s not too bad, but I think for first and second years, they don’t have a whole room for themselves, they have a sort of booked lectures, or they have booked time throughout the week, they can go in but it’s not like all day every day.”

Students will be forced to go into university to work on anything outside of lessons, which he said can be difficult especially if you’re having to travel in from home.

Tom explained how he received an email saying a few licences were available for the Adobe software from the university, however, after applying it appeared they ran out of licences very quickly, after it supposedly was a first-come first-served basis on the applications.

The games design student added: “It doesn’t make me feel that bad because I’ve got access to it anyway, a lot of the stuff and I’m just using a different piece of software, but there are people who probably need the stuff at home for various reasons who won’t have got it.”

The issues appear to be university-wide after students on other courses have experienced similar problems.