Leicester Summer in the City begins

By Kira Gibson

Some of the Leicester City Centre summer festivities have begun, with a roller skating rink in Jubilee Square. 

Along with a globe trail across Leicester, this only marks the beginning of the summer fun that the Leicester City Council and their partners have planned. 

On 12-14 August, there is a festival filled with lots of art and music called Journeys Festival International. 

This festival has four main parts; Frock, Rollplay, Strong Enough and Seed. 

Summer in the City runs from 11 July to 17 September. 

There are at least 14 items planned for August alone so make sure to come out and enjoy all of them.

To find out more, go to https://www.visitleicester.info/whats-on/summer-in-the-city/summer-in-the-city-events

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