New Leicester band plays first concert

by Kas Ellis

An up and coming Leicester band played their first concert on Saturday, March 12th. 

Robbie Childerhouse, the bassist for Leave Your Body Behind, performed with his two other bandmates at the SoundHouse. 

After only a month together, the band took to the stage with their seven song setlist, featuring six of their original songs. 

“It was nerve-wracking,” Robbie said. “It was extremely intense.” 

Robbie had never played with other people before Leave Your Body Behind, but once they performed a few sound tracks, his nerves went away. 

Despite a few mistakes, Robbie said the performance went well, and was enjoyed by both the performers and the audience. 

“It couldn’t have gone much better,” Robbie said. 

With all the excitement from the event, Robbie said it has taken a while to come down from the rush, saying it’s the ‘only thing he can think about.’ 

If you want to listen to psychedelic rock band Leave Your Body Behind, their music has been uploaded to Spotify, and they are planning on performing another concert in mid-May. 

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