Kibworth DIY store ceases trade with Russian customers

By Charlie Hawes

A Leicestershire DIY store has ceased trading with Russia due to its recent invasion of Ukraine. 

Stuart Weston, owner and manager of Kibworth DIY on High Street, Kibworth, will no longer send items bought via his online store to Russian addresses, following suit with other retail outlets. 

Kibworth DIY sells a range of items required for the home and the store ships many packages daily across the globe, ranging from nuts and bolts, hand-woven baskets to paintbrushes of all sizes. 

Mr Weston said: “I sell many items both globally and within the UK through the eBay online store and it was the site who had taken it upon themselves to de-list Russian addresses.

“Due to the current situation I wouldn’t send items anyway, there’s little point sending the items as its unlikely that they would get there any time soon.”

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