Swannington WI plan Covid time capsule

By Alice Wright

The Swannington WI are planning a Covid time capsule to bury at the village hall where they meet.

The group decided to do a time capsule because they felt it was important for everyone to put their feelings down on how they felt about Covid, especially because mental health is a real issue.

They decided instead of talking face to face, to write it down and they might be more honest about how they were feeling.

Items included in the time capsule are a write up from 2020-2021 and then from October 2021-February 2022, a synopsis of how it had gone round again, group members’ feelings written in sealed envelopes, masks, hand gel, the letter Boris Johnson sent to every household, a lateral flow test and a lateral flow booklet.

Organiser Karen said: “I think that the biggest thing is you’ve got to get people to actually talk about their feelings and I think that’s very very hard to do.

“I’m a retired nurse so I know how difficult it is for people to talk about how they’re feeling, and I do think a lot of people, although they do say oh yeh it’s not affected me, I’m fine, I think it has affected everybody.”

The group has not got a date yet for the burial of the time capsule but will be taking up meetings with the Parish Council to confirm it.

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