Leicester set to host midnight run as part of UK Liberty Festival 2022  

By Azim Saiyed

An adventurous midnight run will take place on Friday next week (MAR25) and into the following day in the streets of Leicester to celebrate the nocturnal life of the city.  

The run will start from 5.45pm and will end at midnight.  

The special run which will be guided by poet and artist, Andy Craven Griffiths. 

He will also be joined by three local artists from Leicester as well as three artists from Europe.  

All the artists will provide a memorable event by working together as they will be performing live during the run.  

The participants are encouraged to walk, run, talk and share the experience together. 

The cost of each ticket is £3 and if you would like to book, visit: www.libertyukfestival.com/themidnightrun

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