Employee outraged at new pet-friendly rules

By Liv Messum

A New Look employee has spoken out against new pet-friendly rules recently put into place at the store she works at in Leicester Highcross.

Rachel Fedun, 20, a fashion buying student at De Montfort University, said: “I’m not happy about these new pet-friendly rules. There will be dog mess everywhere and hair all over the floor and I really don’t want to clean it up.”

These new pet-friendly rules are a recent implementation to encourage dog owners to shop at New Look, even if they have a pet with them. 

Rachel said: “I don’t know what difference it makes to us, or to them. It’s not going to affect their shopping!”

Rachel has been working at New Look for four years and preferred the old rules where pets were not allowed in the shop.

She said: “I already clean up so much stuff from kids anyway, so I really don’t want the responsibility of cleaning up after dogs too.”

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