Leicester city and county councils step up composting efforts this Halloween

By Luke Williamson

Leicestershire County Council is stepping up efforts to make the county more eco-friendly, by offering residents the opportunity to buy cut price compost bins.

People interested can now purchase a compost bin for as little as £12, with the council offering a second at half price.

It comes as the County Council and Leicester City Council have joined forces to encourage people to reduce their food and household waste this Halloween.

Residents are encouraged to dispose of their unwanted decorations and costumes correctly if they cannot be donated to a charity or re-use shop.

The councils are also encouraging people to use their pumpkins as food not just as a decoration.

But, if pumpkin soup or pie isn’t your thing, then you can take your Jack O’Lantern’s to Stokes Wood Allotments in Leicester for a ‘pumpkin smash’ where you can take your carved masterpieces to be composted correctly.

Girls Night In: A Night to Fight Against Club Drink-Spikers

by Abigail Beresford

Students in Leicester plan to boycott clubs in the city this week, to raise awareness of the ‘scary’ increase of drink spiking cases in clubs.

Campaign group “Girls Night In” took to Instagram to create a social media movement to encourage girls throughout the UK to boycott clubs for one-night only to raise awareness for the growing cases of drink spiking.

“We would like to reinforce that our boycott is not a stay-at-home order. The purpose of our boycott is to encourage all local clubs, bars, and pubs to re-examine their precautions, to ensure that all members of the community can feel safe again,” said a spokesperson for the Girls Night In movement.

“We also want to clarify that our Instagram page is to raise awareness of spiking, whilst also providing a safe platform for people to share their experiences.”

The action of boycotting clubs hopes to make it a legal requirement for nightclubs to thoroughly search guests upon entry, to ensure the safety of those attending.

The movement has created a storm throughout the UK, with 50 locations joining in, including Leicester, Birmingham, and London, to raise awareness of the ever-growing problem and pave the way for a solution.

“We have been taken aback by the continued support and hope that we can all stand in solidarity,” added Girls Night In.

Students in Leicester planned a boycott of clubs on Tuesday(OCT26) night, to stand in solidarity with women up and down the country who have frequently fallen victims of drink spiking cases.

“Personally, I have never been spiked, but I know many girls who have,” said Hannah Phipps, 22, a second-year Interior Design student at De Montfort University.

“It’s scary what is happening right now. When I go on a night out, I want to be able to go out and have a good time, and not ensuring that my thumb has to be over my bottle or focusing on my drink 24/7.”

To sign the petition to make it a legal requirement for nightclubs to thoroughly search guests before entering, visit petition.parliament.uk/petitions/598986.

To see if your local area is participating in the boycott, search @girlsnightin on Instagram, followed by your city.

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue service encourages regular fire checks

By Shantelle Gondo

The Leicestershire Fire and Rescue service is encouraging residents to have regular fire checks.

The service offers information and advice in events of a fire, as well as how to prevent fires.

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service will carry out the fire safety checks in homes where there is a high risk of fire, lasting 30 minutes, as well as fitting smoke alarms.

Residents can only request if they are concerned or know someone that may be at risks of serious fire.

For more information and advice, visit: https://leics-fire.gov.uk/your-safety/at-home/ or call: 0116 2872241 .

Leicestershire County Council calls for Halloween waste reduction

By Thomas Carter

The Leicestershire County Council (LCC) has called on residents to help reduce food and household waste this Halloween.

It is estimated that 15 million pumpkins are thrown away in the UK every Halloween, as well as two in every five costumes being discarded after just one wear, according to the council website.

With this in mind, the LCC has encouraged people to “make their own costumes from household items, buy pre-loved outfits and ensure old costumes get a second lease of life by donating them to charity or re-use shops after the spooky season.”

Councillor Blake Pain said: “We’d encourage residents to dispose of Halloween items correctly, such as taking their textiles to a charity shop or textile bank. This will help us in our aim of creating a cleaner, greener Leicestershire.”

For more information on sustainable Halloween celebrations, visit: www.lesswaste.org.uk/2021/10/14/halloween-waste/

Student starts up food company

by Joshua Solomon

Student Enoch Asekomhe has started a food business for students who are struggling at university.

His business is called ‘Yumm Yumm’ and he said it has been a huge hit with students so far, due to his variety of ethnic foods, from African dishes all the way to European.

Enoch started his business after realising a lot of students either can’t cook for themselves or at the end of a day of lectures don’t have the energy to.

The whole idea behind it was to make it affordable for students as he knows how difficult budgeting is when you leave college and start living on your own.

Enoch said “I love food and I know what students are going through, I went through the same thing. Everyday having to decide what to eat is a headache in its own way, so this is just an alternative solution.”

So far Enoch’s service offers a variety which he said he will narrow down and focus on fast food options which are favourable for most people.