Leicester city and county councils step up composting efforts this Halloween

By Luke Williamson

Leicestershire County Council is stepping up efforts to make the county more eco-friendly, by offering residents the opportunity to buy cut price compost bins.

People interested can now purchase a compost bin for as little as £12, with the council offering a second at half price.

It comes as the County Council and Leicester City Council have joined forces to encourage people to reduce their food and household waste this Halloween.

Residents are encouraged to dispose of their unwanted decorations and costumes correctly if they cannot be donated to a charity or re-use shop.

The councils are also encouraging people to use their pumpkins as food not just as a decoration.

But, if pumpkin soup or pie isn’t your thing, then you can take your Jack O’Lantern’s to Stokes Wood Allotments in Leicester for a ‘pumpkin smash’ where you can take your carved masterpieces to be composted correctly.

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