DMU Students’ Union holds last day sale for garden plants

by Joshua Solomon

De Montfort University students’ union held a last day garden plant sale outside of its building on campus yesterday(WED,OCT27).

The garden plant sale is part of the GoGreen initiative that has been brought in by the DSU (De Montfort Students’ Union).

It hopes to create a environmental change by encouraging students to alter their behavior into that which is more sustainable.

The campaign takes on many forms and has branches within food, volunteering, donations and education. This plant sale is just another example of what the GoGreen initiative is about.

Third year undergraduate student Rachel Spavins, who was at the sale said “I haven’t been buying plants for too long, really. I think I first bought some two years ago when I first moved to university.”

Undergraduate student Rachel Spavins

She also spoke about her passion for nature and why she likes to be surrounded by plants, “I think that plants really brighten up my student room and make it feel more like my own! It’s also nice to have something to take responsibility for. It’s a good way to distract from working and revising, and get in some mindfulness.”

Rachel finished by speaking about what plants do to her, as she said ”I just think its nice to have a little bit of nature, especially when living in the middle of a city! There’s so many different types and colors and I enjoy reading about them and learning how to look after them properly.”

The GoGreen campaign has four main aims:

  1. To have an educated and engaged student body in environmental and sustainable issues;
  2. To reduce the amount of waste created on campus
  3. To provide volunteering opportunities for students to get involved with, that helps the local environment
  4. To reduce the amount of energy consumption across campus

The GoGreen campaign have partnered with the Midland Langar Seva Society, who provide meals to the homeless people of Leicester.

To help out the student union have placed food donation bins around the campus center where students can place non-perishable goods which are taken to help those in need.

If you are looking to get involved or have any ideas on what else the student union can do for the environment. Please contact

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