Leicester keeps the history of braiding alive during Black History Month

By Shantelle Gondo

Leicester neighbourhood services are keeping the art of braiding alive during Black History Month.

The ongoing celebration of Black History Month will be celebrated the whole month of October.

Black History Month is a time of reflection, celebration, rejuvenation and commitment making the black community stronger.

The event of Keeping The Art Of Braiding Alive With Cherub Braids took place on  Saturday(OCT9) at the city’s African Caribbean Centre, in Maidstone Road.

This was an open session to learn basic braiding skills, practising on mannequin heads, alongside learning the history of hair braiding.

While teaching many people from various cultures how to braid , organisers said it united many people and helped others understand different ways to braid.

For more information on Black History Month and cherub braiding, visit: https://www.byrdie.com/history-of-braids

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