Re-elected Leicestershire County Councillor aims to provide welfare to community on the way back to ‘normality’

by Abigail Beresford

In her recent victory in the local elections, Councillor Hilary Fryer said she intends to continue with her crucial focus on the welfare and mental health of children and adults, following the coronavirus pandemic.

Cllr Fryer was elected as the Quorn and Sileby West representative following the recent local elections with 1,952 votes, allowing her to continue her service after being previously elected in the 2017 local elections.

“I have won county council twice and was elected to the borough council back in 2003. I was first a borough councillor when I was 28, when I lived back in Surrey, as well,” said Cllr Fryer.

In accordance with the current issues that the community face as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, Ms Fryer said she is determined to help the local community to the best of her ability.

“One of the main things we plan to do is recover from the coronavirus. This has had a huge personal impact,” said Cllr Fryer.

“We won’t know the full impact of the 15-month isolation for another six months, or possibly a year.”

Leicester saw itself in the longest lockdown in the country,

The lack of social interaction has proved to pose an issue in alignment with mental health issues, Cllr Fryer said, and pledged it would be a focus of her party to ensure it helps the community.

“The impact of the 15-month isolation may have an effect on adult social care,” said Ms Fryer.

“A gentleman who lives next door to me who has been socially isolated for 15-months, due to his shielding. Over the months, his health is deteriorating.” 

“However, we don’t know whether this will also have a knock-on effect for children.”

Alongside her responsibilities within the Leicestershire County Council, Ms Fryer is the Chairman of the Children and Families Service, ensuring her support in helping children transition back into normality.

“Children have not had regulated organised education for a year, which will have a large impact on learning and social development. Learning how to socially adapt with their peers will be a very big challenge for them.”

With the easing of lockdown restrictions coming week-by-week, Cllr Fryer said she and the Leicestershire County Council are hoping to provide support for the community in this transition period.

New Lib Dem leader on county council takes his place after Leicestershire elections

By Shantelle Gondo

The Liberal Democrats are currently congratulating their new leader in gaining the highest votes within the De Montfort ward.

Liberal Democrat Michael Mullaney won the Dr Montfort ward

After the Leicestershire County Council elections that occurred on Thursday (MAY06), won overall by the Conservatives, Michael Mullaney was elected with 1,957 votes in the De Montfort ward, and also became the new leader of the Liberal Democrats group on the council.

Mr Mullaney said: “I came first within the De Montfort division elections and the share of the votes went up from last time.

“The elections seemed to go very well despite COVID, people still turned up to vote and it went ahead without too many issues.

“I’m very happy to carry on helping people in Hinckley, I’ve also become leader of the opposition on the county council following the elections, as well as the leader of the Liberal Democrats. 

“This a new opportunity, I’m glad to be to be able to carry on representing Hinckley, there’s a lot of issues that need taking up.

“In particular the fact that Leicestershire gets the lowest funding of any county in the country which needs to be touched upon, which obviously impacts on the equality upon services such as roads and those that people rely on.”

Mr Mullaney said he has had great success in helping the Hinckley community, such as :

  • Saving Hinckley’s Ambulance station when it was threatened with closure
  • He successfully campaigned to save Desford Library when Conservatives County Council threatened to close it
  • He campaigned to keep Mount Road Hospital in Hinckley open, which is threatened with closing down
  • He was involved in the successful campaign to save Barwell Sure Start Children’s Centre when the Conservative County Council wanted to close it
  • Campaigned with local Liberal Democrats and residents to stop the proposed axing of the 159 bus that serves many local villages including Newbold Verdon, Barlestone and Market Bosworth
  • He campaigned for more police on local streets including in rural areas, following big cuts to Leicestershire police under the Tories

For more information visit: Website: , call : 07576 289910 or email Mr Mullaney on:

Conservative wins Market Harborough East

By Joshua Solomon

Barry Champion has won the seat on the county council for Market Harborough.

The Conservative won the seat for Market Harborough East on the county council after beating Liberal Democrat Sarah Hill by nearly 200 votes.

He succeeds Dr Hill who was first elected in 2005 and won three consecutive elections on the county council for Market Harborough.

Mr Champion is a consultant engineer and has lived in Market Harborough for the last 22 years. He has also served as ward councillor for the last six years.

After listening to residents of Market Harborough East, Mr Champion said he created a manifesto for change that covers a wide range such as Planning, Environment and Covid:19 support.

He said he is committed to help create a safer Market Harborough, one of his main plans being to work hand in hand with the police by investing in speed cameras in the communities, also a £267 million capital programme to improve roads and pavements to make Leicestershire even greener.

There is a heavy focus on making the county green with a promise to plant 700,000 trees which is one for each county resident.

Also, he hopes to create a greener Leicestershire with emissions down by 73% and plans to increase that, with Mr Champion already supporting Harborough Plastic Pledge and other environmental initiatives, such as an increase in public transport and cycling facilities.

Mr Champion also wants a more connected county as he proposes investments into roads and support for vulnerable residents, communities, businesses and local NHS that have been affected by covid:19.

Mr Champion’s manifesto has promised a change in the way the taxpayer’s money is managed, with investments in infrastructure in the county. Also, a heavy focus on improving flood defenses which will entail working with partners to carry out cleaning that will solve the heavily decrease the risk of potential flooding.

He said: “Serving as both your district and county councillor will allow me to represent your views much more effectively through joining up duties of both councils”.