Talent showcase event ‘One Mic Leicester’ opens to DMU students

By : Tracey Ugwueru

An event has been created for DMU students who are upcoming artists to have a platform to showcase their talent.

Project manager Theodor Saint John said he and his PR team’s initial plan before Covid “was to have somewhere where students can perform.”

The event will be showcasing those aged 18 to 23 years old, upcoming and new artists, including comedians.

Theodor said: “We are planning to have it every year, and show commission is received so they feel like they are part of a show.”

Supported by artist development Shyon Gredley and Daniel Gaston as artist manager, Theodor said the idea had been on their minds to set up a platform not only to reward artists but also for them to use the event as a stepping stone in their future paths and careers.

He said they look at the background of the individual through the application form and look at how well the artists market themselves and manage their talent.

He said this year they have received 60 applicants for the showcase, the final line consisting of 15 artists selected.

The line up will be different each year, Theodor adding: “Moving on next year we try to make up a new batch of artists.”

Working with music ethics for two years with Kunmi Dada, they created ‘LOOT’ a company he created to push entertainment.

Their event takes place on May 28-30 at the Festival2Funky where music is supported by the Arts council in Leicester as a marketing partner.

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