Anxious teacher opens up about employment difficulties during pandemic

By Chelsea Centkowski

Schools have finally opened again, allowing students to return to their lessons and attempt to regain the precious classroom time they lost during lockdown.

However, one teacher is anxious about his future in his education career as schools slowly re-open.

Lloyd Earwaker, 25, a primary school teacher from Rhondda Cynon Taf, in Wales, is finding it difficult to return to work after the pandemic has left him unable to work full-time at his current school.

“I have been asked to supply teach, however this is a problem as not many schools are asking for supply teachers, so work is very limited,” he said.

While many schools across the UK have been attempting to return to some form of normality, there are several measures and restrictions in place to make sure that students and staff stay safe during the day. However, this creates its own troubles.

“The students and staff are separated, we cannot speak to other staff members or go into the staff room.”

He also stressed that being a supply teacher is difficult as he is sent to different schools across the catchment area.

“I could be in different schools every day and we must do regular lateral flow tests as we are entering different environments and are not used to their rules.”

He hopes that he can properly return to the classroom soon as a full-time teacher again, however, it is still unclear whether this past lockdown will be the last.

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