Mother who runs business while caring for her young daughter encourages other parents to do the same

By Chelsea Centkowski

Running your own successful business can be difficult, especially during lockdown, however one mum has shared how she juggles running her business alongside raising her young daughter.

Jess Robinson, 23, owns Wax Melts by Jess, a business where she creates and sells homemade wax melts in different shapes, sizes and scents.

However, as well as being a business owner, she also has the job of being a mum and juggling her time can be difficult, as she has to work around her daughter’s schedule.

“I make them at night when she’s gone to bed and sometimes when my partner comes home from work he will watch her so it just means I have to plan everything out,” she said.

“I have to give myself enough time to make them with only having a few hours in the evening.”

Like a lot of small business owners, Jess touched on how her business has helped her during lockdown.

“It has definitely helped keep me sane, it definitely helps having a hobby that pays and I absolutely love what I do,” she said.

She also encouraged other mums who are looking to start their own businesses.

“I would say do it! It’s hard to find time and motivation sometimes but it’s so rewarding, much like motherhood!” she said.

“Planning and doing something you’re passionate about is key, you will find the time and eventually everything will fall into place,” she advised.

You can find her page on Instagram @wax_meltsbyjess.

Beauty spots left in a state after rule of six allows two households to meet outside

By Chelsea Centkowski

People across the country were overjoyed when lockdown restrictions were relaxed, and they were able to meet family and friends outdoors after months of staying inside.

Restrictions were lifted slightly on March 29th after the introduction of the rule of six, which allows six people from two different households to mix outdoors. However, the outdoor spaces that they enjoyed with their loved ones were left in a state, as bins were seen overflowing and rubbish was left everywhere.

Photographs posted on social media show outdoor areas all over the country where visitors had not cleaned up after themselves, leaving many social media users fuming.

Anxious teacher opens up about employment difficulties during pandemic

By Chelsea Centkowski

Schools have finally opened again, allowing students to return to their lessons and attempt to regain the precious classroom time they lost during lockdown.

However, one teacher is anxious about his future in his education career as schools slowly re-open.

Lloyd Earwaker, 25, a primary school teacher from Rhondda Cynon Taf, in Wales, is finding it difficult to return to work after the pandemic has left him unable to work full-time at his current school.

“I have been asked to supply teach, however this is a problem as not many schools are asking for supply teachers, so work is very limited,” he said.

While many schools across the UK have been attempting to return to some form of normality, there are several measures and restrictions in place to make sure that students and staff stay safe during the day. However, this creates its own troubles.

“The students and staff are separated, we cannot speak to other staff members or go into the staff room.”

He also stressed that being a supply teacher is difficult as he is sent to different schools across the catchment area.

“I could be in different schools every day and we must do regular lateral flow tests as we are entering different environments and are not used to their rules.”

He hopes that he can properly return to the classroom soon as a full-time teacher again, however, it is still unclear whether this past lockdown will be the last.