Local residents encouraged to vote in North Evington by-election 2021

By Shantelle Gondo

Leicester City Council is encouraging its residents to have their say in the 2021 North Evington by-election.

Elections polling station by Government Digital Services

 Following last year’s postponed elections, the North Evington ward election will be taking place on Thursday, May 6.

The new voted councillor will take their place among the 54 city councillors who are involved within the local issues decisions, such as council tax rates, public transport, housing, education and more.

The nine candidates currently nominated are:

  • Aasiya Gulamohammed Bora representing the green party
  • Kumaran Bose representing the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
  • Andrea Burford representing the Communist Party of Britain
  • David John Haslett representing the For Britain Movement
  • Abdul Osman representing the Conservative and Unionist Party
  • Vandeyi Pandya representing the Labour party
  • Charnjit Singh who is Independent
  • Asit Sodha representing the Liberal Democrats
  • Raj Solanki representing the Reform UK.

When voting people are required to use the First-past-the post system, they should mark an ‘X’ in the box for their preferred candidate.

Residents are required to vote for only one candidate in the election.

Leicester City Council wants to ensure everyone who is entitled to vote is able to do so, regardless of the pandemic.

If any residents need to self-isolate, they must not go to vote at a polling station. Instead, are able to arrange an emergency proxy vote (someone to vote on your behalf) up to 5pm on 6 May.

For more information on the North Evington by-elections and how to vote visit: https://www.leicestershire.gov.uk/about-the-council/how-the-council-works/elections/election-2021-information or call : Phone 0116 454 2010

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