Leicester residents encouraged to stay safe after lifting of some restrictions

By Shantelle Gondo

Leicester City Council is reminding its residents to have fun, but to remember that the deadly Covid virus is still out there.

As some lockdown restrictions have been lifted and many facilities re-opened, the city council has encouraged people to enjoy their freedom but be aware that coronavirus is still out there even for those who have been vaccinated.

Many facilities re-opened on Monday, April 12.

Now that restaurants are allowing people to eat outside, gyms are fully packed, non-essential shops and pubs are open with drinks on offer, more crowds are mixing and there is a higher chance of the coronavirus rates increasing.

DMU’s 20-year old Joint Honours Journalism student Dorcas Salimonu said: “I just feel like a sense of hope and joy has been lifted, it feels as if life is slowly coming back to normal, as I can actually eat out with friends and head out for shopping.

“Although I do feel like people have started forgetting that coronavirus is actually real and I just don’t want there to be another lockdown as I see some people still not wearing face-masks even in crowded places.”

The council encouraged people to:

  • get vaccinated when it is their turn
  • stay 2m apart and wear face coverings
  • not mix indoors with those they do not live with
  • respect the rule of six when socialising outdoors
  • work from home if possible
  • stick to the rules even if already vaccinated
  • wash and sanitise hands regularly

Although the Leicester City Council will carry on reminding its residents that COVID-19 is still present, is is suggesting that people should keep that in mind too and remember the term hands-face-space.

For more information about the coronavirus and the restrictions information, visit: https://www.leicester.gov.uk/your-council/coronavirus/coronavirus-in-leicester-latest-news/