DMU Catholic Society ready to return to normality after restrictions eased

By Luke Williamson

The Catholic Society at De Montfort University is starting to get ready to return to some form of normality after moving online due to Covid-19.

Giorgia de Andreis, a DMU Psychology student and the society’s chairperson, said: “We are very grateful to our Parish church for the support they have given us through the tough time.

“It has been a different year for us, as it has been for every aspect of life and we have lost members because not everyone wants to do things virtually.”

The Holy Cross Priory, in Wellington Road, has opened a room for students to be able to attend masses on a Monday evening.

DMU and University of Leicester students are welcomed at the Holy Cross Priory, Leicester. PICTURE: Luke Williamson

Giorgia said: “The church isn’t usually open on Mondays, it is usually just for cleaning and maintenance.

“But it is open for us to attend liturgy, starting last week [APR12], which is great for us.”

Giorgia believes that the number of society attendees has decreased over the last 12 months since the start of the pandemic as people have struggled to adapt to the virtual world.

However, she said: “It is a good thing that we have done online masses because people who couldn’t attend as they are at home in different countries could still join in.

“We are also watching The Chosen which is a TV series based on the Gospels so we are staying in touch with each other about that too.

“The year has been tough but it has consolidated friendship amongst us and we keep up with each other inside the society and outside of it as well.”

The society is going to continue with online rosaries in the summer over Zoom while they figure out what is going to happen in the next academic year.

You can join the DMU Catholic Society by clicking here.

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