Hounslow artist helps children learn how to paint

By Tasleen Abdi

A Tesco manager is using his artistic persona as a small artist to help his community and to inspire young children to become more creative.

Jinesh Patel describes himself as a simple man but he has already gained three Guinness world records – in 2003 for the largest finger painting, in 2007 for the largest finger print painting, and in 2011 for the largest painting made by footprints.

“My struggle in childhood is the main cause of inspiration for my art” he said. “ The timescale for my art continuously varies, however its main dependant is my mood.”

The 43-year-old graduated in Commerce in India and not soon after came to reside in the UK in 2006.

He normally volunteers at the Hindu temple BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir where most of his charity work is targeted towards.

In addition, Mr Patel set up an art school to help young kids along with older adults to enable them to paint while donating twelve paintings to the Royal Brompton hospital due to one of his colleague’s grandsons being in there.

Mr Patel consistently gives his time and effort to his local Hounslow community by achieving high limescale of profit but most importantly putting a smile to the faces he helps effortlessly without expecting or gaining anything in return by just the goodness of his heart.

“I hope for my art to one day reach a more wider worldwide scale.” Mr Patel said.

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