Residents in Leicestershire urged to fit smoke alarms on all floors of homes

By Shantelle Gondo

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue team are warning residents not to ignore neighbour’s fire alarms, as they could be in serious trouble, and are encouraging people to fit smoke alarms on every floor of each household.

The team have emphasised the importance of having a smoke alarm placed on each floor in households as it can prevent serious fire and keep families safe.

An outline of the recommended alarm positioning

The team suggests that the best way to have the smoke alarms fitted is by placing it on the ceiling, in the middle of the room or on the hallway landing.

Smoke alarms are required to to be tested once every month, to ensure they are still in good use and all one year-battery alarms must be changed yearly.

To avoid any false alarms, smoke alarms must not be placed in or near kitchens or bathrooms where smoke and steam can easily trigger the alarm and ensuring that the alarms are vacuumed to remove any dust.

For more information and advise on how to fit smoke alarms to ensure safety, visit

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