Spring days bring families outside to enjoy the fresh air

By Kira Gibson

Leicester’s parks were full of people as spring finally arrived over the weekend – but were Covid restrictions being flouted?

Nelson Mandela park on Sunday [MAR7] was packed full of families and people playing sports together, as each person enjoyed the day in the sunshine. 

Bede Park was also packed yesterday [MAR8] with people playing football and enjoying the nice day outside. 

However, Leicester is currently the top area for Coronavirus cases – meaning that despite the weather, parks should have been empty apart from the people going on a daily walk, as restrictions have yet to lifted.

The Government website regarding latest restrictions state that from March 8th: “People will be allowed to leave home for recreation and exercise outdoors with their household or support bubble, if they are eligible for one, or with one person from outside their household.”

Days in the park with friends are to be allowed in the near future, with the ‘stay-at-home’ rule being lifted on March 29. 

However, the rule of six will still apply after the restrictions have been lifted at the end of the month – meaning that unless you have a large family, you won’t be able to meet many friends outside or go to a party just yet. 

For more information on the latest restrictions, please go to: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

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