Leicester’s e-bikes prove to be ‘wheelie’ good way to get around

by Abigail Beresford

The launch of the new electric bikes in Leicester this January has proved to be a hit with students and residents of Leicester.

The scheme was announced in November 2020, with e-bike provider Ride On pairing with Leicester City Council to install 500 e-bikes up and down the city.

Leicester’s new ‘wheelie’ good way to get around

The bikes have proved to have a positive response, giving people in Leicester a new form of exercise and an affordable way to travel efficiently.

“I’ve found the bikes as a great way to get around town, being so quick and easy. It gives you a new way to see the city and get from A to B in a matter of minutes,” said Toby Green, 20.

The £600,000 scheme aims to encourage people to get around the city in a sustainable way, in a way to reduce carbon emissions to help the environment.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced in December 2020 the new target in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 68 per cent by 2030.

“Getting ubers all of the time is expensive, especially as a student. Having a new way to get around the city that’s cheap, efficient is amazing,” added Toby.

“Hopefully, when the weather picks up I can travel slightly further distances on them. It’s not particularly pleasant using them in cold, wet weather.”

With warm temperatures expected in early April, the usage of the bikes is expected to increase, with residents of Leicester expected to enjoy the new spring season.

The 500 electric bikes are now available to hire from 50 locations within the city centre.