Review: Deranged twists of ‘Behind Her Eyes’ create a hit series

Review by Bintou Secka of 2021 Netflix tv show Behind Her Eyes


The plot of the tv show begins with an introduction to a black British woman named Louise, who lives in London alone in a two bedroom apartment with her son Adam.

From the opening scene the writer makes the viewers aware of the unconditional love Louise has for her son, in fact we get a sense that it is the only thing she cares deeply about.

We are reminded of her unconditional love for her son in the last episode, when we get all the clarity we need, although our minds are still left puzzled.

As viewers we learn a bit about Louise’s character through the six episodes, firstly we are made aware that she has been divorced from her son’s father for three years. However we get a sense that she has not fully moved on with her life, partly from the fact that she is not romantically involved with anyone and is not being open to new people.

However it did not take long for this to change, it only took a dysfunctional married couple to come into her life and change all of that. From our first glimpse at the couple, Adele and David, we get a very strange sense from them, with no knowledge of who they are, we get a clarity that there is something awfully wrong there.


Sarah Pinborough has done an amazing job at creating a tv show that has been the talk of the town, after only a few days this show has managed to land itself on top ten shows on Netflix and as the days go by it gets closer and closer to hitting number one.

From the selection of characters to acting skills, story line, plot, it was all on point. This is the one tv show that everyone can agree the ending got us all thinking WHATT!!!.

Throughout the six episodes there was so much uncertainty, as viewers we were always guessing or eager to find out more, and in that sense Pinborough did an amazing job at finding a way to keep viewers watching.

One detail that deserves to be applauded for this tv show is the fact that it has been set in the most realistic setting, a single mum living in a small apartment somewhere in London with an ordinary life.

And then on the other hand we have a filthy rich couple with a whole lot of secrets buried somewhere. Pinborough has done an amazing job at giving us a balance between reality and fiction.She began with introducing us to Louise, a woman the viewers are familiar with, we all know someone who is like Louise, but then on the other spectrum we have Adele, someone who has some kind of power to control her dreams and make herself appear in places without being seen.

In terms of engagement this tv show definitely did not lack in that department, we witnessed some romance between Louise and David, we witnessed betrayal from David to his wife, but also from Louise as she is meant to be Adele’s best friend but at the same time she is sleeping with her husband behind her back.

In terms of the characters, Louise is portrayed to be a good mum, selfless, funny, real. Adele is presented as a lonely stay-home wife, who is controlled by her husband, unhappy in most aspects and deeply in love with her husband.

And lastly David, from the first time the viewers acknowledged that he was married we got a sense that he was unhappy in his marriage, we later on find out that it’s not that he doesn’t want to leave his wife but he can’t.

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