DMU society Spectrum changes the way socials are run

By Kira Gibson

DMU society Spectrum has changed the way that the society as a whole is run by creating more opportunities for members of the discord server to run their own socials. 

The society has been planning regular meets over discord since the beginning of the pandemic which were run by members of the committee.

At the beginning of the month, the decision was made to rearrange the way the society spectrum as a whole was run, and to change the way the socials were run. 

A statement given by the committee of Spectrum said: “We will still be running meets and socials, however, and they will not be exclusively run by our ‘committee’. We are encouraging our members to run their own meets, just send a message, see if anyone is free, and then away you go!”

The new changes have only just come into effect, as more members of Spectrum have now started to run their own meets and events in the discord server. 

Spectrum’s description on the Students’ Union website is: “We are an inclusive society that creates a safe and enjoyable environment for people on the autistic, mental health social (e.g. introverted) and physical disability spectrums; however all are welcome! We are more than just a society, we are like family.”

The group is now mainly run by “administrators” although the original committee does have authority as “founding members” and can ban people from the server for breaking rules and causing problems.

Socials are less regular and more spontaneous, as members will suggest dates to run an event and take votes on when people are available to run said event. 

If you would like to join the society and enjoy some run games nights with members, then please join the discord group at

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