DMU hosts online meeting exploring trans’ participation in sport

by Shantelle Gondo

DMU Sport invited individuals to join an online meeting about trans athletes’ participation in sport this week, with the hope to develop our understanding within the topic.

The DMU Sport’s online meeting was held yesterday (WEDFEB 15), exploring the role and involvement of transgender athletes, led by Professor Martin Polley, director of the International Centre for Sports History and Culture.

Last year’s host, transgender football player Chloe Quinn said: “Being trans in sport isn’t great. I’m constantly anxious of how I’m perceived whether that’s how I look or how I sound on the pitch.”

Trans athletes are a sensitive topic within the sports field, DMU will explore how academic research can contribute to the topic, and how sport could become more inclusive towards the transgender community.

Individuals got a chance to listen to some athletes’ personal stories as they shared their journeys and challenges during the meeting.

The event included a panel discussion, speed lectures, and interviews with athletes and leading academics.

Chloe said: “For me being open and honest about my transition is really important as that’s how I found my courage, by following other trans people on social media, knowing its possible to live as my true self.”

The online discussion concluded with showing how academic insights should be explored along with each of the athletes’ personal stories.

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