Police issue travel warning after snow hits Leicestershire’s roads

By Luke Williamson

Leicestershire Police have issued a travel warning as snow hit the county overnight on Sunday [FEB07] and into yesterday.

Roads in the countryside were affected severely with cars becoming stuck as the snow fell, with police warning people on social media to avoid the B5414, near Lutterworth, as the snow settled in before the gritters could spread any salt.

The A6003 was also affected, with more than 40 cars becoming stuck on the road just after sunrise.

The poor weather conditions are not expected to improve quickly either, as temperatures below freezing are forecast for the rest of the week.

International Women’s Day creative workshops set up at DMU to boost resilience

by Abigail Beresford

Two creative workshops to encourage students to work alongside their local communities and to develop a creative perspective are being planned at De Montfort University to help mark International Women’s Day.

The one-hour workshops will run on International Women’s Day (Thursday, March 8) and will focus on improvised wellness, through digital improv, and art and editing, where the focus will be on colours, photography, and video.

The workshops run by Indrani Lahiri, senior lecturer in media and communications, aim to help students and staff enjoy the celebration and boost their resilience during the pandemic.

Those who wish to take part should email sarah.lewis@dmu.ac.uk to register their interest.

Leicester taxi drivers bid to surpass 11,000 ‘vaccine trips’

By Thomas Carter

Leicestershire cab company ADT Taxis is offering free journeys for elderly people to take them to get their vaccinations.

The service, dubbed ‘vaccine trips’, has been taking place since the beginning of the UK’s vaccination program, with the company initially offering free taxi rides for those aged 80 or older.

As of this week, ADT Taxis has completed 10,898 vaccine trips, with more on the way as people continue to get their Covid-19 vaccinations at local hospitals.

With almost every adult in the UK aged 80 or older having received the coronavirus vaccine, the company is now offering 20 per cent off for other vaccine journeys, continuing to help the community in Leicester city centre and surrounding areas.

Put the kettle on! DSU Officers launch ‘Tea Break with your Executives’

By Thomas Carter

‘Come and have a virtual cuppa with us’ is the message from student leaders at De Montfort University this week who want to encourage their fellows to chat and tell them what issues they want prioritising.

The ‘Tea Break with your Executives’ is part of as new campaign kicked off by the Executive Officer team at DMU’s Students’ Union to improve student communication.

The initiative is a virtual meeting where DMU students can chat and pose questions to their DSU Executive team, and will take place weekly starting from last Thursday (FEB4). The next one is this week from 2.30 to 3.30pm.

Laura Flowers, the DSU Academic Executive Officer, said: “As Executive Officers, our main job role is to represent the student voice. 

“Obviously as we can’t be on campus and chat to students as normal, we have given this time for a drop in for students to tell us how they are feeling, what they want us to work on and how we can support them properly.”

Put the kettle on! The DSU Officer team (above) will answer questions from students in online meetings

Due to national restrictions regarding coronavirus meaning students can’t return to campus, the DSU officers are playing a vital role in ensuring communication amongst members of the DMU community is clear and easy to understand.

In a statement on the DSU website, Laura added: “What a whirlwind this year has been, we are only at the start of the year but already it has started to feel as long as a decade.

“When I returned after the winter break, my first jobs were finding out what on earth the government was expecting students to do.

“As Executive Officers, we were finally able to sit down and work out the different areas that we needed to lobby the university for.”

The virtual ‘Tea Break with your Executives’ can be accessed via a Zoom link, which can be found at the DSU website: https://www.demontfortsu.com/ents/event/3029/